Patient Recruitment

The journey . . . Finding. Educating. Enrolling. Retaining.

Accelovance is a creative engine fueled by patient-centric problem solving. We blend conventional tactics with innovative ideas for a comprehensive strategy to find the RIGHT patient/subject for the study. This is incorporated within our full service offering or provided as an independent stand-alone service. Sponsors benefit from Accelovance's ability to leverage its CRO, clinical site operations, patient recruitment, and therapeutic expertise in the critical assessment of each study.

We take ownership of our task to enroll your program -- from oncology to pediatrics and niche populations to healthy volunteer studies. Proper management of the patient from initial outreach through study completion is what delivers the results every Sponsor seeks: higher retention rates, greater compliance and more data to support study objectives. When deploying Accelovance's proactive approach, which builds a pre-qualified cohort prior to study start, our team is able to meet/beat enrollment timelines and attain retention goals. Our experience and expertise increases recruitment effects and operational execution.

Contract Research Organization (CRO)

Accelovance is an award-winning, niche Contract Research Organization (CRO) focused primarily in oncology, vaccines, and general medicine.

Clinical Call Center

As a patient-centric organization, Accelovance's Clinical Call Center uses clinically trained Call Center Agents who work seamlessly with clinical sites enrolling patients, Sponsors, and/or CROs.

Accelovance Elite Monitoring

Accelovance's staffing arm, focused on bringing flexible solution based resourcing strategies to meet the unique requirements of our Sponsors.