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Simplicity and solution based strategies... excellence where you need it!

Accelovance has been providing clinical staff resourcing since its inception in 2006. We are a unique clinical resourcing partner, providing solution based clinical staffing strategies to fully integrate with your needs and requirements.  We offer a truly global service and to date have worked in over 20 countries, from the routine to the less trodden areas of the globe.  Our clinical professionals have an average of over 9 years experience, and we therapeutically and geographically align our solutions to add expertise and cost efficiencies.  Our services range from single placements to building bespoke teams.  Our clients range from global pharmaceutical companies to niche companies with a clinical department of one (1). 

We are not a typical clinical staffing company, the team here at Accelovance Elite Monitoring are all industry professionals having worked in clinical research as CRAs and project managers as well as having extensive experience in providing clinical staffing resources thus allowing us to provide you with a solution based approach. 

Accelovance Elite Monitoring is built around flexibility, no two clients' requirements are the same and we will work with you to identify and implement the best service solution while delivering exceptional execution. 

Flexible Resourcing Options:

  • Permanent Recruitment - Traditional staffing recruitment services for candidates to be permanently employed by you, fees are based on successful placement of a candidate with no upfront fees charged. 
  • Contract Recruitment - Long term contractor placement, working under your management and supervision, resource can be provided as a whole or part Full-Time-Equivalent (FTE) adding vital expertise were required.
  • Strategic Team Augmentation - Specializes in providing highly skilled therapeutically aligned contract CRAs (clinical monitors) to regions that you do not have coverage, to work as part of a fully integrated team.   This can be whole or part FTE allocations. 
  • Monitoring Teams - Adept at building monitoring teams, our contract CRAs have an average of 9 years monitoring experience and truly are regional experts, this can be a cost effective alternative to outsourcing to a CRO.  Typically this service is provided under your project management, but every solution is unique and a team can be built to match your needs.
  • Functional Service Provider (FSP) - Experienced with functional service provision whether you are looking at data management, pharmacovigilance or clinical monitoring.  We have the expertise to manage and deliver a fully integrated solution regionally or globally.  

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