Clinical Trial Monitoring

Accelovance Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) ensure the integrity of the study, adherence to protocol, quality of measurements, safety of Subjects, and the collection of valid data. We provide global monitoring and site management solutions to our clients via our international team of experienced professionals. Accelovance CRAs have a minimum of five years' experience prior to joining our organization and are knowledgeable in all aspects of study conduct. We also have the flexibility to use less experienced staff if required. They are highly skilled, therapeutically aligned, centrally trained, and committed to excellence in every study.

Furthermore, Accelovance has developed a specialized CRA Training Academy, where we select talented professionals and cultivate their skills through an extensive training program on all facets of clinical research and trial oversight. This unique program allows us to introduce more indivduals to clinical research careers, and increases our pool of skilled CRAs to support clients' programs.

Accelovance's monitoring services include:

  • Site qualification visits
  • Site initiation visits
  • Site interim monitoring visits
  • Site close out visits
  • Source document review
  • Regulatory document review
  • Product accountability
  • Report generation